MixKwik Tool – A Perfect Solution
R A Melloh; Cornish, NH

May 5, 2013
Amazon Review

Anyone who has ever looked at paint shakers knows that they are expensive and the reviews are spotty. Choices for machines that will shake aerosol cans are few to be had. I shake a lot of cans of nitrocellulose lacquer, sometimes more than a half dozen in a day. Under-shaken cans of lacquer give poor results. The well shaken discipline is hard to maintain as it is fatiguing and time consuming.

The MixKwik device is elegant in its simplicity. Most well equipped shops and homes will already have a sawzall, cordless or corded, in their possession. For a very modest price, one can obtain a MixKwik Tool and be in the can shaking business like a pro. The sawzall must be of the variable spped variety, as speed control is essential.

I would venture to say that one could easily justify the purchase of a cordless, variable speed sawzall for dedicated use with the MixKwik device. Cost of a sawzall kit included, it would still be more cost effective and use less space that most other devices suitable to aerosol mixing purposes.

The device takes up very little room, on or off of the sawzall. It fits in a shallow drawer. The MixKwik clamp works well at holding full cans in place and partially consumed cans are even easier to re-shake. It takes about thirty seconds to mix a can of lacquer or enamel better than you have ever mixed one before. Thorough mixing produces better finishing results. What’s not to like?

Relative to the benefit provided, the cost is irrelevant or even laughable. When I think of all the time I have expended hurriedly shaking cans with my tired and achy hands, I am filled with relief, knowing the MixKwik is there at the end of my sawzall, ready to rock and roll. It pretty much lives there.

Some common sense is required in keeping the speed of the sawzall’s reciprocation fairly slow. It is easy to tell when too much speed is being used. The sawzall will buck and strain in your hands, the can wanting to depart the device by slow migration from the hold down’s grip.

Anyone who has owned a modern pair of downhill ski boots or snowshoes will be familiar with the clamping system. It is proven and reliable.

The only problem I had with this device was getting one as soon as I would have wished for it. Amazon was sold out for extended periods of time, not a bad indicator for the product. I ultimately purchased directly from the manufacturer, for a slightly higher price and no Prime shipping, but as I said before, the tool makes itself useful immediately in a shop where much time is spent shaking aerosol cans. No regrets whatsoever.

The MixKwik Tool would make an excellent and easily affordable gift for any handy person, craftsman, mechanic or homeowner. They might have a funny look on their face when they open the gift, but the thank yous will be coming for years to come.



Shake, shake, shake!
Donna R Hill

September 27, 2013
Amazon Review

This is awesome! One of those things that you slap your forehead and say “why didnt I think of this!” Nice construction and quality. Use it just a few pulls on the trigger and your spray paint or aerosol finish comes out smootthhhhh!



OK, now this is really ingenious!
Charles B. Firth “Chuck”

September 14, 2013
Amazon Review

This is the kind of innovation I love. Some guy looked at a reciprocal saw and said, hey, that would make a great shaker. Well, this thing is really cool. You just slide in a spray can and snap it tightly into the holder (which has a sort of ski boot binding) and bam! you are shaking paint without shaking your brain.

I wish you could shake more than spray paint. I bet it would work with a tumbler full of mixed drink! Sawzall at the bar? Maybe. Oh, I and I LOVE the video this guy did for the product.