About Us

In 2008, Kip Blair, a skilled carpenter with a flair for problem-solving, found himself working on a home construction job in his beloved hometown of Victor, Idaho. The repetitive shaking and mixing of spray paint cans took a toll on his arms, igniting a strong desire to find a more efficient solution. Driven by a genuine passion for improvement, Kip set out to change the status quo.

Taking a momentary break from his demanding work, Kip's creativity flourished. Armed with resourcefulness and a deep understanding of the trade, he crafted the first prototype for MixKwik using the tools at his disposal. This ingenious invention not only spared his arms from strain but also opened a new chapter in the world of spray paint application.

Today, MixKwik stands as a testament to Kip's unwavering belief in the power of innovation, empowering countless professionals and DIY enthusiasts to work more efficiently and comfortably. The journey of MixKwik is a testament to the remarkable impact one person's ingenuity can have on an entire industry, and it continues to shape a brighter future for creative minds everywhere.