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MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker & Mix Tube Combo

MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker & Mix Tube Combo

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Get the MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker and the Mix Tube together with this package deal. They ship in the same box and you save when you purchase the products together. 

MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker

The premier aerosol can mixer and spray paint can shaker. Portable, electric, reciprocating saw attachment. When you handshake a can, it just doesn’t get the product mixed well enough, leaving you anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of product waste due to improper mixing. When you use this, it’s dry, it’s empty, and it comes out perfect.

MixKwik Mix Tube

The MixKwik Mix Tube is the perfect addon for anyone who needs to mix small paint containers. Just strap it into the MixKwik and mix your paints in seconds! No need for messy stirring. The Mix Tube can hold up to 3 - 1 oz bottles.

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